Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Firsts....many of them!

Playing with my "Big Buddy Brit" never gets old!  He likes to splash, put things in his mouth and be on-the-go as much as I do!  It was his and Liv's 1st birthday.  Man, I was scoping out the cake and I can hardly wait for my birthday to come because I know I won't leave a crumb behind. 

I do have a thing for older women...that is unless things don't pan out with me and Liv. 

Along with many firsts, it was Mason's first Royal City Community days.  Mama is getting off cheap, who's needs Disney Land-just a parade of loud trucks, tractors and Dain Craver throwing out apple slices! 

And last but not least...the best first of the month was getting to meet my Nana!!!  We made the trip to Craigmont, Idaho and spent two days with her and Bud.
Four Generations

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